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August 2016
Mark Zaki Begins Studies at Harvard Medical School
In August, Mark Zaki, a former fellow in the 2014 Conte Center Undergraduate Research Program (URP), began his studies in the MD Program at Harvard Medical School. While he was a student at Pitt, Mark worked in Dr. David Lewis’ lab from the summer of 2013 through the summer following his graduation in 2016. He was also mentored by Ms. Holly Bazmi and Dr. Sohei Kimoto, in addition to Dr. Lewis.

July 29, 2016
CTMHR Undergraduate Research Program Fellows Complete the 2016 Summer Program
On Friday, July 29, 2016, the ten week summer portion of the Undergraduate Research Program concluded with the students’ final presentations. The Undergraduate Research Program, directed by David Lewis, MD and coordinated by John Enwright, PhD, Debra Montrose, PhD and Lisa Murphree, engages undergraduate students in translational mental health research, giving them the opportunity to work full-time collecting and analyzing data for a research project, participating in journal clubs, shadowing mental health clinicians and attending research seminars and didactic sessions on research strategies, ethics and career development.

July 2016
CTMHR Undergarduate Research Fellows Work Published in Neuropsychopharmacology
The work of Sowmya Sanapala, Aaron Foglio and Raissa Berry, former fellows in the Conte Center for Translational Mental Health Research (CTMHR) Undergraduate Research Program (URP) who worked under the mentorship of Dr. John Enwright, was published in Neuropsychopharmacology online.

May 26, 2016
Miranda Bridgwater Awarded University of Pittsburgh Brackenridge Summer Research Fellowship
Miranda Bridgwater, a former fellow in the 2015 Conte Center for Translational Mental Health Research (CTMHR) Undergraduate Research Program (URP) was awarded a 2016 Brackenridge Summer Research Fellowship. These fellowships are named for Hugh Brackenridge (1748-1816), the founder of the University of Pittsburgh. They support full-time undergraduate students on the Oakland campus while they devote full-effort to conducting an independent research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Brackenridge Fellows receive a stipend of $3,500 for the summer (mid-May through early August) to assure that they can devote themselves full-time to their projects and the associated responsibilities without having to support themselves by means of a summer job.

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