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CTMHR Undergraduate Research Program Fellows Complete the 2017 Summer Program
On Friday, July 28, 2017, the ten week summer portion of the Undergraduate Research Program concluded with the students’ final presentations. The Undergraduate Research Program, directed by David Lewis, MD and coordinated by John Enwright, PhD, Debra Montrose, PhD and Lisa Murphree, engages undergraduate students in translational mental health research, giving them the opportunity to work full-time collecting and analyzing data for a research project, participating in journal clubs, shadowing mental health clinicians and attending research seminars and didactic sessions on research strategies, ethics and career development. Students also participated in the Department of Psychiatry Research Day.

Photo of the 2016 Summer Undergraduate Research Program Fellows
Brittany Chamberlain
Using in vivo calcium imaging to investigate striatal hyperactivity in an OCD mouse model

Lauren Eberhardt
The role of HDAC inhibitors in the treatment of mania

Anna Shafer
Circadian rhythms, impulsivity, and adolescence: Effects of circadian misalignment on the neural response to the go/no-go task in human adolescents

Alissa DePiro
GAD67 mRNA expression in calretinin cells in schizophrenia

Maria Pongibove
Widespread age-associated alterations in white matter connectivity in first episode psychosis
Ashwinee Manivannan
Linking duration of untreated psychosis with working memory activation in patients with first episode psychosis

Eleni Zahariadis
Theta oscillations in long term memory encoding and retrieval

Celine Lee
Auditory categorical learning in schizophrenia

Lotanna Ojukwu
Immunoreactivity of microtubule associated protein 2 in deep layer 3 of the auditory cortex

Hussain Al-Khars
Natural oscillatory frequency in first-episode schizophrenia

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