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Become a Research Participant in Project 5
We are trying to learn about the causes of psychotic symptoms and are addressing this problem in a number of ways using recently developed methods of studying the structure and functioning of the brain and thinking processes that we believe may be involved. The purpose of this study is to better understand which aspects of brain functioning are affected in psychotic illnesses and whether this changes over time.

Who Is Eligible to Participate
Males and Females, Ages 14-35: (1) first-episode of psychosis with little/no previous treatment, and (2) healthy controls with no history of a psychiatric disorder.

Who Is Not Eligible to Participate
Those with certain medical/neurological conditions, mental retardation, pregnant women, substance dependence in the previous six months or abuse (except for alcohol and cannabis) in the previous month are not eligible to participate. Further, healthy controls who have a history of antipsychotic treatment or a first-degree family history of psychosis are not eligible.

What Participation Involves
Participants will be asked to complete clinical and diagnostic interviews, urine drug screen, neuropsychological assessments, and imaging and electroencephalography (EEG) studies. Diagnosis will be re-assessed at 6 months for individuals experiencing their first episode of psychosis.

Do Participants Receive Compensation as Part of the Study?

What Compensation Do Participants Receive?
Participants may receive up to $225 at baseline and $75 at the 6-month follow-up.

For Information Contact Kevin Eklund, RN, BSN;; (412) 586-9009 for the first-episode psychosis studies or Alicia Thomas, MS;; (412) 586-9096 for healthy control studies.
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